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Raleigh NC hotels. Search for hotels in Raleigh North Carolina United States of America. Funny stories, warnings and travel hints. Wildlife, state and national forests and parks, attractions and/or sights of North Carolina. North Carolina cryptozoology, hauntings, monsters, folklore, ghosts, myths and legends.

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  • We wish you an enjoyable stay at your chosen Raleigh North Carolina hotel. Seasoned travellers will become acquainted with the famous hotels in their destinations. The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong (featuring in the Clark Gable movie Soldier of Fortune), the Polana Hotel in Maputo, the beautiful and historic San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, the Chelsea Hotel in New York, the Mandarin Oriental Pudong in Shanghai and the Peace Hotel (formerly the renowned Cathay Hotel) in Shanghai. are among the classic or luxury hotels of the world.

    Scary Stories, Myths, Legends, Ghosts, Monsters and Folklore in North Carolina

    The ghost of conductor Joe Baldwin, killed by a train, whose lantern light may still be seen at Maco; the spirits of appropriately named Cape Fear, including Confederate General William Whiting in Fort Fisher, south of Wilmington; Devil's Courthouse (sometimes Court House) near Brevard, where Cherokee legend asserts that Satan sits in judgment; the phantom, filmed in 1967, seen in Wilmington's Price-Gause House; the burning ghost ship seen near Ocracoke Island, a spectral reminder that a ship's crew murdered their passengers for gold and then destroyed the evidence; the mischievious Pink Lady of Grove Park Inn, Asheville, who is a spirit but not a gin cocktail; the fierce phantom hound of Valle Crucis; the musical water sprite in the pools of the French Broad River, east of Asheville, who dooms those it lures, not indifferently like the lorelei but with the deliberate malevolence of a siren; the headless ghost of Blackbeard the pirate who swims at Teach's Hole, Ocracoke Island; and the pre-Columbian white tribe, descendants of Jonah, who inhabited the land near Looking Glass Rock, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of North Carolina.

    The feline, vampiristic Beast of Bladenboro; not Dracula but Jutaculla (Judaculla), a slant-eyed giant that dwells in the caves of Devil's Courthouse and/or Tanasee Bald (Tannasee Bald) in the appropriately named Transylvania County (Tanasee Bald extends into Haywood County, where the bigfoot-like Boojum prowls); the Black Eyed Kid of Triangle Town Center in Raleigh; the duellist and the lady whose spirits haunt the New Hanover County Library in Wilmington; the angelic warriors who battled on winged horses at Chimney Rock, confirming the truth of the War in Heaven; the Cameron Village Sewer Blob, also known as the Poop Monster; the face that appears if you gaze into a spring of the Great Balsam Mountains, which may not be your own but the hideous visage of a Cherokee woman, cursed by a manitou because of her flirtatiousness; the two men and a woman, spectres, who still haunt the Thalian Hall theater in Wilmington; the well documented but mysterious Brown Mountain lights, believed by some to be connected with UFOs and alien abductions; and Boojum of Eaglenest Mountain (Eagle Nest Mountain), a sasquatch said to guard a treasure of gemstones and presumably named after Lewis Carroll's snark, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in North Carolina.

    Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and other Wildlife / Fauna of North Carolina

    Red-cockaded woodpeckers, river otters, weasels, brown pelicans, timber rattlesnakes, red-winged blackbirds, oystercatchers, Southern flying squirrels, coots, gray foxes, red foxes, red-tailed hawks, dolphins, increasing numbers of red wolves, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, feral Banker horses, wood ducks, bobcats, groundhogs, bobwhite quails, wild turkeys, bald eagles, gray squirrels, black bears, raccoons, indigo buntings, sea turtles, pigmy rattlesnakes, salamanders, coyotes, alligators, gray catbirds, snow geese, tundra swans, opossums, warblers, Eastern cottontail rabbits, snapping turtles, marsh wrens, kestrels, white-tailed deer, minks and beavers are among the wild animals of North Carolina.


    The United States of America has been the most culturally influential country in the world for generations. It is well-known that in Europe you should see London, Paris, Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice and Athens but in the USA you should see Albuquerque, San Francisco, Washington DC, Juneau, New York, Santa Fe, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Skagway, Atlanta, Boston, Lake Tahoe, Savannah, Atlantic City, Chicago, Fairbanks, Honolulu, Anchorage, St Louis, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Corpus Christi, Detroit, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sitka, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Miami, Houston and Indianapolis. Then perhaps you can say that you are familiar with the United States of America. The Florida Keys, the plantations and bayous of the Mississippi Delta, the Ozarks, the Arctic wilderness of Alaska, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the beach at Waikiki in Hawaii, Mount McKinley and fabulous wildlife in Denali National Park, Niagara Falls, Route 66, Bryce Canyon, the Adirondacks, the wild west town of Tombstone, Mount Rushmore, Marvellous scenery and sea life in Kenai Fjords National Park, the Appalachians, the Disney resorts, Hawaiian volcanoes such as Mauna Loa, Mount Rainier National Park, the Grand Canyon, the California coastline, the Everglades, Glacier Bay National Park, rodeos, the Okefenokee Swamp and Native American nations such as the Navajo and the Hopi are other places, sights or events that can justify your claim to know America. From ghostsafari.com, a heartfelt Bon Voyage!

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