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Virginia Beach VA hotels. Search for hotels in Virginia Beach Virginia USA. Sights, attractions, wildlife, national and state parks and/or forests of Virginia. Ghostsafari suggests hints and tips for your journey. Monsters, myths, legends, folklore, ghosts and hauntings of Virginia.

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  • Ghostsafari wishes you a comfortable stay in your Virginia Beach Virginia hotel. The famous and/or historic hotels of the world are major destinations in their own right. The Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, the Palace of the Lost City at Sun City in South Africa, the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, the Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong near the famous noonday gun, Claridge's in London, the Mandarin Oriental Macau and the Imperial Hotel in Delhi. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

    Scary Stories, Ghosts, Legends, Monsters, Myths and Folklore in Virginia

    George, the invisible ghost of Altavista Combined Middle and High School; the hatchet wielding Bunny Man (Bunnyman Ghost) of Colchester Overpass (Bunny Man Bridge) near Clifton; spooky goings on in the Martha Washington Inn and Spa, Abingdon, including Civil War bloodstains appearing on new carpets and a phantom woman seeking her lover; the phantom boats of the Rappahannock River, including the Black Barge, a portent of Republican victory in the elections of Tappahannock and Essex County; the creation, by the Great Spirit, of the Natural Bridge over Cedar Creek, Rockbridge County, for the benefit of the Monacan tribe (their women and children escaped across the bridge while their menfolk were able to defend the narrow path from a larger number of Powhatan warriors); the magical waters of the underground Lost River below Natural Bridge, which make everyone who drinks from them return; and the Native American lovers who leapt to their deaths from Jump Mountain, near Lexington, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of Virginia.

    Mysteries of the Great Dismal Swamp, including a spectral raft with two occupants, illuminated by a bottle of fireflies, on Lake Drummond (the occupants are the ghosts of a man who went mad with grief and that of his lover, whose spirit the man desperately sought in the swamp); hauntings of Woodlawn Plantation, Mount Vernon, including the beautiful and fragrant ghost of Eleanor "Nelly" Custis (near the boxwood trees) and the well in the gift shop that may be a portal to another world; the Richmond Vampire, popularly (and perhaps unfairly) associated with the tomb of William Wortham Pool in Holywood Cemetery, Richmond; spirits of the historic and very haunted Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, including a phantom cat and a spectral former employee who tells people that there are ghosts on the higher floors; spooky tales of the Inn at Willow Grove in Orange, haunted by ghostly foosteps and two Confederate soldiers who sit and converse under a tree; card playing pirates and ghostly victims of a Native American attack at Carter's Grove; Lucy, a phantom in the Olde Towne Inn, Manassas, who has the power to levitate people; and the hauntings of the Wayside Inn, Middletown, continuously serving its guests, living or spectral, since 1797, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in Virginia.

    Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and other Wildlife / Fauna of Virginia

    Red foxes, loggerhead turtles, turkey vultures, humpback whales, bald eagles, barred owls, martens, Eastern cottontail rabbits, black bears, leatherback turtles, American black vultures, raccoons, beavers, bobcats, skunks, White-tailed deer, river otters, green turtles, wild turkeys, Peregrine falcons, opossums, gray foxes, red-tailed hawks, Carolina chickadees, dolphins, fin whales, coyotes and groundhogs are among the wild animals of Virginia.


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